E-learning: Web-Based Training

Web-based training, also referred to as e-training or e-learning, is a tool that allows learning to occur anywhere in the world with the help of the Internet and the use of a computer. Web-based training is self-paced, according to the speed at which the learner can learn. The material presented is live, and so it is current. Today’s technology allows web-based training to simulate classroom training. Web-based training can include three-dimensional conferencing and interaction and discussion. … [Read More...]


Best Education Sites Online-E-Learning

The web has changed the way one sees education. It's now possible to connect with your fellow … [Read More...]


The Pros and Cons of Instructor-Led and Web-Based Training

A need for training exists when there is a gap between the desired performance (what a person is … [Read More...]

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Adult Learning


The Implications of Adult Learning Theory on Instructional Design for Workplace Training

Adult learning theory primarily focuses on how adults learn. It is founded on the assumptions that adult learners concentrate more on the processes rather than contents. This is because adults bring in real life experiences to the learning environment. Malcolm Shepherd Knowles (1913-1997) had a significant influence on the field of adult education. He was determined to discuss the fact that adults learn differently than children and thus bringing in the concept of andragogy (Knowles, … [Read More...]

Preview of the learners template document

Instructional Design Templates

The following templates are sample documents that already have some details of the instructional … [Read More...]


Administrators, Managers, and Leaders: What’s the Difference?

  Administrator, Manager, and Leader Defined Sergiovanni (1991) defined administration as a … [Read More...]

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Organization Development

Why is Turnover a Serious Problem?

What does it take to retain people in an organization? What do you do to try to retain the best people? What are your processes for getting the best and the brightest? Who in the organization is primarily responsible for retaining employees? What are the important elements of retention? What are your concerns about retention […]

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Career Development


E-learning: Web-Based Training

Different types of web-based training can be used in different circumstances and conditions. Facilitated online learning is a type of web-based training where there is a facilitator who guides learners and provides them with support during the training course. This type of training is usually used at universities.


Web Based Training- How to Do Well in School

With the huge demand to do well in school as a great GPA can determine if you get into the top law school or if the fortune 500 company hires you; many students are resorting to cheating on exams, homework and tests. Where is the moral of the many individuals? Can a person teach morality […]

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